Life Beyond the Table


For two glorious years we lived right smack in the middle of Napa Valley, a place filled with beauty and where you could see a perfect specimen of almost any fruit, flower, herb or vegetable growing on every square inch of land. One morning while it was still dewey outside, I was walking along a street and in one block, I could smell roses, lavender and rosemary. I thought to myself, “I’m enjoying a free aromatherapy session” and I could literally feel my spirit lifting! What I was experiencing at that time came full circle when I discovered essential oils (EOs). One thing I learned soon after beginning to them is that aromas reach every cell of our bodies in 22 seconds, and the sense of smell is directly tied to our brain and emotions. I also learned that essential oils are far more than aromatherapy!  (More on that later.)

I’ve been dabbling in EOs for several years, but decided to get more serious when dealing with a son that was exhibiting signs of ADHD. I was talking to a friend who suggested Young Living essential oils as a substitute for medications. Though I haven’t seen the results I wanted to with him, (not because of the oils but because making a teenager administer the oils regularly is like leading that proverbial horse to water.) it led us to using the them for all kinds of health issues.

Why I chose to use Young Living brand exclusively

When I heard about the standards of testing and quality I was impressed. When I heard they use a “seed to seal” process, I was sold! They source out the purest farms or create them themselves; they weed by hand; they use their own oils for pest control; and they gently distill their oils without chemicals. They also rigorously test their final product both in-house and by a third party to meet therapeutic standards. Plants and their oils are powerful yet delicate in nature. By using Young Living, I know that the plant’s “living energy” is in every bottle. Each oil and blend is 100% therapeutic grade, effective and safe.

Also, of all the EO companies out there, Young Living has the best and most affordable starter kits. This make it easy for a newbie to get started!

“What do I actually do with Essential Oils?”

I had dabbled in essential oils many years back, but still didn’t understand fully what they are capable of until I learned about Young Living. They aren’t just for sniffing (although as mentioned before, this is a quick fix for sure), most Young Living oils can be applied, inhaled, diffused and even ingested. NOTE: there is a short list of oils that cannot be ingested, so double check before you take them internally. Here are some ways we use them regularly

  • My husband who has had to use Sudafed and Claritin for at least three months a year during allergy season for the last two decades has now gotten through a Texas spring without one tiny red or white pill! That’s saying something since in the past he would take these meds daily and still be stuffy and red-eyed in the evenings. He uses Peppermint under his nose and a drop of Lavender swiped inside each cheek right before bed. That’s it.

  • On Mother’s Day I had a horrendous allergy attack just as we were finishing a beautiful brunch outside, I swiped one drop of Lavender inside each cheek and all symptoms left almost immediately.

  • I use Lemon oil in my water every morning and though I do not watch what I eat (other than eating whole foods over processed), I never gain any weight. Lemon oil is also a natural liver cleanser just like lemon juice, but it’s more potent. (I will note here and throughout this site that only Young Living essential oils are guaranteed to be pure enough for ingesting.)

  • We diffuse, drink and apply Thieves oil if anyone has the least little sign of a cold or flu. If it comes on at all, the duration is at the most a day or two and germs don’t get passed around the family. This oil is also good for fever blisters and fungus issues (like nails). Mix a drop or two with any kind of milk (we use almond) and you get a great chai flavor without the caffeine.

  • I use Valor, Joy and Lemongrass as my daily perfume. It makes me feel so happy and both oils are naturally uplifting for mood.

  • Peace & Calming is the next best thing to a hot toddy for easy sleep. Apply it to children’s or adults’ feet and diffuse in bedrooms. It’s also great for hyper dogs!

  • Purification mixed with Peppermint with water is what we mist on to keep mosquitos at bay. We can spray right around our poolside dining table without worry about our food.

Are you curious about Essential Oils?

If so, I’d highly recommend giving Young Living a closer look. One of the most popular ways to get started is sign up as a distributor so you can get all of your oils at wholesale cost. There are other brands out there, many of which claim purity, but Young Living is the ONLY one with the Seed-to-Seal guarantee. The great thing with EOs is that not only can they assist with health complaints like those listed above, but they can also be used as natural cleaners, replacing chemical laden cleaners that bring toxins into our homes. The more you use them the more you will want to use them! (Capiche?) Plus once you join, you will not only enjoy wholesale buying power (kind of like joining Costco) but you will also be able to join the essential oil community I’m a part of which includes a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get almost immediate feedback about how to use oils for specific issues. Ready to find out more and sign up? Click Here or on the image below.

Don’t Make the Mistake I did!

When I joined Young Living, I didn’t get a Starter Kit. In fact, I didn’t even know there was one. I just bought the few oils I needed then had to buy a diffuser later. Now you get it all in one kit. To join Young Living, click on the image below:

 Over $300 worth of products including 10 oils, a diffuser and lots of samples of other products for only $150!
Over $300 worth of products including 10 oils, a diffuser and lots of samples of other products for only $150!