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Ready to Write Your Second Act?

Most women reach their late 30s and then the big 4-0 and realize that life is taking a turn. While some choose to start heading down the path of aches and pains, weight gain and submitting to survival mode, I have a hunch that you are wanting more than that.


Wild Woman, you’re in the right place. Let’s get you feeling your absolute best so you can write your Second Act and do greater things than you did in your 20s! 

What have you always dreamed of doing?

  • Writing a Book?
  • Owning Your Own Company?
  • Acting?
  • Running a Marathon?
  • Traveling Around the World?

Whatever it is, this is the time to get in there and start doing it. But first, you must feel your best and that is where I come in.  

Let’s Find Your Personal Path to Wellness

Have you ever thought “it’s always going to be this way. I can never lose weight no matter how little I eat and how much I exercise.” That’s because you haven’t found your personal path to wellness. There isn’t one diet or exercise plan that’s right for everyone and navigating what that looks like for you is very difficult with all the information out there in the Googlesphere! 

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling completely rested, your body feeling energized and alive, not bloated and depleted. What if you could finally lose those stubborn pounds that have made you feel “less than” simply because you know what food and exercise works for you and you are not living a stressed out lifestyle. You’re feeling healthy, you look AMAZING and now you have the confidence to Write That Book, Travel The World, Start That Business, Go On That Audition. 

Real Food is the foundation to all of my wellness coaching sessions. Through my education and research as both a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach, I have found that eating real food is the one thing that is completely accessible by everone and it WILL improve your health with very simple changes. There is no calorie, point or macros counting, no measuring or starving yourself (eat as much as your body needs), no supplements, pills or potions. Just real, basic food. I will give you all the resources you need to make the switch and you get to see all the benefits that others have seen – weightloss, lower blood glucose levels, lower bad cholesterol and higher good cholesterol, more energy, less bloating and more.

Beyond your diet, my priority is find what works FOR YOU, not anyone else. At each session I will walk alongside you helping you take charge of your own life by determining healthy lifestyle habits, identifying strengths and values and become truly integrated in your body, soul and spirit so you can go after everything that you are passionate about. 

Healthy Happy Real Is not Just a Clever Domain Name

Being your healthiest is virtually impossible if your body isn’t being nourished the way it needs to be. Eating a healthy real food diet is the jumping off point for all my clients because what you eat directly affects how you feel and how you feel directly affects what you do in life. My goal for you as my client is to help you feel vibrant in your body, souls and spirit because when you feel Healthy and Happy you can truly show up in the world as your Real, authentic, beautiful, wild woman self. 


  • 1:1 coaching – This is where it all happens for you. Go from simply dreaming about what you would love to do and get yourself in gear to live these dreams out. We will develop a healthy meal plan just for you, identify strengths and values and show you how these can help you make tough life choices that feel right to you, determine what parts of your life are working (and what parts aren’t) to get you to the point you feel confident stepping into your new life. Email me for application and to set up free consultation. 
  • Group CoachingDates TBD Similar to 1:1 coaching but with multiple members working together as a cohort.
  • Real Food TransitionComing Soon. This is a self paced program with optional coaching calls that is still in development. It will help you transition from a depleting processed food diet to an energizing lifestyle of real, whole foods. We will cover eating out, cleaning out kitchen, budget friendly shopping, and how to prep and cook these foods to keep it from being stressful.

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The First Step to Your Second Act

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