Wine Pairing Dinners

After spending six years in Napa Valley cooking for clients as varied as winemakers to international speakers to other chefs, my husband Kyle and I have developed a very special method of entertaining and now extend that opportunity to you. We create multi-course Wine Pairing Dinners to go with your personal wine collection or using our suggestions.

Wine Country Dinner in Your Own Home

Without having to do anything but have a clean house, you can have a wine country style dinner replete with chef/wine expert chats before each course. Whether in your dining room or on your property by pool or on your lawn, we can make it a special experience for you and your guests. For our full service dinners, we bring all the food, serve and clean up after.

Rather than having to make reservations out, it’s a fun and refined way to spend an evening in your own home so let us be the ones who give you the entertaining edge.


What if we don’t drink wine?

Even if you don’t drink wine, we can still plan a fabulous multi-course dinner for you and your guests.

Want us to drop and run?

We can prepare a meal and vanish before guests arrive. Still want the pairing experience, we can leave cheater wine tasting notes for you! We call this “Ghost Chef”!

What are the menus for these events?

Like my prepared meal service, my wine pairing dinner service is bespoke. I prepare a menu specifically for each host depending on dietary needs, preferences, theme, etc.

How much do Wine Pairing Dinners cost?

All prices include food so you can know what the evening will cost in advance. All dinner parties other than Ghost Chef will be a minimum of $450 and for parties greater than 8, we will add a service fee of $50 per additional 4 to allow us to hire servers.

  • Ghost Chef – I will prepare all food ready for a final reheat or toss together in your kitchen. It is an economical way to have fabulous food with little effort for your next dinner party or luncheon.Includes Three courses $50+ pp
  • Full-Service Wine Pairing Dinners
    • Family Style – Perfect for more casual gatherings, this service is much more convivial and gives your guests the flexibility of choosing how much or how little they want to eat.  The starter can be presented in a different location, if you prefer, and then dinner at the table. We will prepare a starter, entrée (includes side and sauce), and dessert, all served family style on platters. $70+ pp
    • Plated Dinner – A restaurant-style dining experience in your home. We will serve four courses of your choice from the following: appetizer, salad, soup, pasta, fish (includes side and sauce), meat (includes side and sauce), cheese, dessert. $85+ pp
    • Chef’s Tasting Menu – The ultimate evening of dining. Using your requests as a guide, we will do a tasting menu of five of the following courses: appetizer, salad, soup, pasta, fish, meat, cheese, dessert.  We will also have tea/coffee service available upon request at no additional fee. $105+ pp
    • Dinner Date – We will cook and serve an extravagant dinner for two. Six courses designed for that perfect evening.  Of course we will use discretion and will make it an evening to remember, especially if a certain question is involved!! $450

What does ingredient cost include?

The cost of ingredients is strictly the ingredients necessary to complete the meal. I don’t include basics like olive oil, salt or pepper. (Exceptions would be a dish that uses excessive amounts of these ingredients where they become major ingredients themselves.)

How do you handle special requests or dietary restrictions?

I am gluten intolerant and have been on many elimination diets, I can definitely handle dietary restrictions. If the cost of special ingredients is outside the cost of regular ingredients, there will be an upcharge equal to the difference between the two. I will not upcharge beyond that.

If you request specialty ingredients (i.e. Truffles, Kobe beef, etc.) I will also add the difference as described above.

What if I need to rent any items?

We are happy to set up rentals for serving ware, such as plates, napkins, flatware, wine glasses, etc. and any furnishings that are necessary for you to have a fabulous party. We simply pass the cost along to you with NO upcharge.

Do you provide alcoholic beverages?

Due to TABC laws, we cannot provide wine or other alcoholic beverages but will be happy to recommend wines for you to purchase, or better yet, if you have a cellar, we can create pairings from your very special selections.  All beverage service is included in your rates and my husband (oenophile and previous winery employee) will be happy to serve and provide pairing information to your guests if you would like.  It makes for a more fun and educational evening, but if you would rather have a quiet evening without this information, of course that is fine, too.

How long will you be in my home?

We will arrive 1- 1½ hours prior to the time of dinner and will stay approximately 1 hour beyond the serving of the last course to clean up. This typically gives us time to clean up all service dishes, all kitchen surfaces and the majority of glasses leaving you with a kitchen that is as clean as when we arrived. If there are lingering guests and you would like us to stay until all guests are gone and clean up any remaining glasses, we charge $60/hr.