Real Food Reset (Group)

The Real Food Reset Coaching program is near and dear to my heart and is the culmination of 20+ years of research and understanding that food ultimately is both for enjoyment and medicine. I have been a Certified Whole30 Coach since January of 2021 and while they are no longer supporting that program as of November 2023, I wanted to carry on coaching women in what I feel is the best way to get on track for feeling great and losing weight.

What Is a Real Food Reset?

On our journey together, with no special foods, deprivation or counting things, I will empower you to get off the dieting hamster wheel. Instead, we will get you onto the path of discovering what your unique body needs to feel your best, enjoy true WELL-ness and have a healthy relationship with food.

While there is an elimination period, ultimately, the goal is to create the broadest diet possible to help you achieve your health goals and feel better than ever. As a group, we will work together in three phases to accomplish this:


For 5 days prior to our official start date, I will show you how to purge, plan and prep your way to a successful reset.


For 30 days, you will create meals using healthy fats, protein, produce and nuts. These healthy, nutrient dense foods will naturally “crowd out” the need for sugar, processed foods, grains, legumes and alcohol as these are all known to exacerbate systemic inflammation. Many times, simply changing your diet and eliminating these inflammatory foods will cause you to lose weight, have clearer skin, feel more energetic and sleep better.


The final 10 days, you will gradually reintroduce the inflammatory foods you feel you can tolerate within a structured framework to discover how your body does with them. You will be your own health detective rather than me telling you what you can or cannot eat.

Why Real Food Reset Coaching Is Worth Every Penny

So many of my clients tried to make it on their own to the tune of $1000s. They finally came to me only when a major health crisis or uncontrollable weight gain set in.

Ask yourself these questions

  • How much have you spent over the last 5 years on pills, potions, powders?
  • What is the toll that has been taken on your body and soul with all the ups and downs in weight, stress of counting macros, calories or points?
  • What have you missed by not feeling your absolute best?


  • What if you learn what works for you and you only?
  • What actually makes you feel good?
  • What if you DON’T have to count anything but actually feel AMAZING, lose weight, have energy and sleep better than ever?

If you are like my clients, you will find the time and money spent on this program is absolutely worth it. (See “Kind Words from Clients”.)

Fee for Group Coaching:

Local Group – Everything below including Reset friendly food & drinks at Meetups. $199 (Whole30 group alums get 1/2 off!)

Virtual – Meetups via zoom $139 (Whole30 group alums get 1/2 off!)

What’s Included In Real Food Reset Group Coaching?

(For Virtual group, all meetups will be conducted via zoom):

  • Kickoff meetup in my home to talk about how to be most successful during your Reset
  • 1 week sample meal plan with grocery list
  • Awesome resources for healthy shopping, self-care and more
  • Daily encouraging emails to keep you on track during the 30 day elimination period (and a few bonus emails before and after)
  • 2 (15-minute) phone sessions with me one within the Preparation phase and one near the end of the Elimination phase to create your personalized plan for the Reintroduction phase
  • Zoom session (for both local and virtual) prior to reintroduction to discuss how you will become your own health detective
  • Unlimited access to me via email throughout the entire 45 days
  • GroupMe to allow everyone to virtually meet and encourage each other
  • Swag bag of samples, coupons and discount codes for Real Food Reset compatible products. (Virtual group will receive discount codes via email and coupons via US mail)
  • Final celebration meetup in my home with Q & A for moving forward and maintaining your new healthy habits

Not interested in a group, but still want to do a Reset? See Private Coaching

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