Real Food Reset (Private Coaching)

The Real Food Reset Coaching program is near and dear to my heart and is the culmination of 20+ years of research and understanding that food ultimately is both for enjoyment and medicine.

On our journey together, with no special foods, deprivation or counting things, I will empower you to get off the dieting hamster wheel. Instead, we will get you onto the path of discovering what your unique body needs to feel your best, enjoy true WELL-ness and have a healthy relationship with food.

What Is a Real Food Reset?

Ultimately, we are creating the broadest diet possible to help you achieve your health goals and feel better than you ever thought possible. You and I will work together for 12 weeks in three phases with an optional habit building phase.


In this phase we will remove those foods you know you cannot tolerate and some that I know exacerbate systemic inflammation as an extra precaution. This phase is approximately 5 weeks.


We will reintroduce the foods we feel you can tolerate within a structured framework to discover how your body does with them. We will observe both physical symptoms and other symptoms that are at a mental and emotional level. This phase is approximately 3 weeks.

Habit Building Program

During this time we will work on building habits for an overall healthy lifestyle. Somethings we may cover: detoxing chemicals, working on sleep habits, emotional health, etc. It’s a very customizable program based on what you feel you need after the initial reset. This phase is approximately 4 weeks.

Why Real Food Reset Coaching Is Worth Every Penny

So many of my clients tried to make it on their own to the tune of $1000s. They finally came to me only when a major health crisis or uncontrollable weight gain set in.

Ask yourself these questions

  • How much have you spent over the last 5 years on pills, potions, powders?
  • What is the toll that has been taken on your body and soul with all the ups and downs in weight, stress of counting macros, calories or points?
  • What have you missed by not feeling your absolute best?


  • What if you learn what works for you and you only?
  • What actually makes you feel good?
  • What if you DON’T have to count anything but actually feel AMAZING, lose weight, have energy and sleep better than ever?

If you are like my clients, you will find the time and money spent on this program is absolutely worth it. (See “Kind Words from Clients”.)

What’s Included In Real Food Reset Coaching Program:

(See TIMELINE for more info):

  • Initial Assessment: 1-hour session scheduled upon purchasing program
  • Kitchen Clean Out and Shopping Tour (your favorite grocery store)
  • Meal Planning 101 (customized for you)
  • 4 Weeks of Personalized Meal Plans
  • 6 (20-minute) Check In Sessions during elimination and reintroduction
  • 2 (1-hour) in-depth sessions during Third Phase for habit building
  • 30 minute Q&A session upon exiting program
  • Unlimited access to me via text or email throughout 12 weeks
  • Swag Bag of Healthy Convenience Foods and Coupons at First In Person session

Timeline for Real Food Reset Coaching Program

(Bold = Skills sessions; Italics = Private Zoom sessions)

First Phase – Eliminate

5-7 Days Prior to First Day of Elimination

  • Review Health Assessment
  • Go over Meal Plan Assessment
  • Determine timeline for program phases
  • Kitchen Cleanout
    • We will remove or relocate foods to avoid. Zoom or In Person (In person in Tarrant or Parker County only and will be same day as grocery shopping tour)
    • Make list of staples to swap
  • Meal Planning 101 Session – Work with Christi remotely to build meal plan
    • Tweak over 30 Days
    • 4 weeks of PDF meal plans with shopping list to use during and after program
  • Determine Meal Prep Plan – Meal Prep Made Easy PDF provided
  • Shopping Tour with Christi at favorite store (In person only in Tarrant or Parker County)
    • How to REALLY read labels
    • Buy Groceries and Ingredients to swap after purging
  • Go over method for keeping foods on hand to make the plan easy to follow

Elimination Diet – 30 Days

  • Week One Zoom Session – This will be during the first few days so we can make sure you fully understand what to eat and what not to. We will also talk about ordering in restaurants and how to deal with other social settings.
  • Week Two Zoom Session– Check in to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed.
  • Week Four Zoom Session – We will put together your customized reintroduction schedule and talk about next steps to ending your Whole30 and entering Reintroduction

Second Phase – Reintroduction

3 Weeks

  • We will work together closely each week to monitor symptoms when reintroducing foods.
  • Weekly Zoom Sessions (3 total) to go over successes and next steps
  • Any problematic foods will be analyzed and we will breakdown reintro further if necessary

Third Phase – Habit Building

  • Continued email and text support
  • 2 (1-hour) Wellness Lifestyle Zoom Sessions to:
    • Work on maintaining your new food habits; troubleshooting where necessary
    • Building on these habits to incorporate other forms of wellness that will support your overall health creating a lifestyle of wellness instead of a quick fix that won’t last.
  • 1 Final Q & A Zoom session before you go out into the world

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