Private Cooking Classes

Want to learn how to cook in your own home?

Cooking classes are fun for a girls night out or date night, but when you’re in someone else’s kitchen, it’s hard to really know how to take those skills home. Plus, it may not be practical or fit your healthy lifestyle. Why not book Private Cooking Classes and have a cooking coach come to you?

Cooking Classes in Fort Worth and Aledo


Why Hire Me as your Cooking Coach?

In brief, to learn in YOUR kitchen EXACTLY what YOU want to learn!

Can you learn how to cook healthy meals from YouTube or Googling “gluten-free” or “Paleo” recipes? Of course, but hiring me to work with you is an incredible investment in your long-term health and wellbeing. Here are just a few things you will get from me that you won’t from Google.


  • Nutritionist – As a holistic nutritionist, I cut through the noise about “healthy” foods and help you fully understand what your body needs and what it doesn’t
  • Professional Chef – Besides being a nutritionist, I’m also a private chef with 20+ years of experience. You will not only learn WHAT to eat, but HOW to make it delicious.

Personal Touch

You won’t get much out of watching a video or reading a blog post but with me in your kitchen you will learn not only a recipe, but also:

  • Knife skills – HOW you cut matters and you will know the secrets.
  • Flavor Boosters – With my easy spice blends and other flavor hacks, your Wednesday night dinner will taste better than a restaurant.
  • Pro Time Savers – I give you all my chef secrets for how to multi-task and make delicious meals without spending hours in the kitchen.
  • Food Storage (AKA Money Savers) – Minimize food waste and $$ thrown away. You will be surprised what I tell you!

How Do Private Cooking Classes Work?

  • Plan – Once you have booked and paid for your session, we will plan the theme and menu based on your dietary needs and what you want to learn.
  • Purchase – I will send you a comprehensive ingredient list so you can check what you have on hand and know what needs to be purchased.
  • Prepare – Before I arrive:
    • Have kitchen completely cleaned and countertops cleared of any clutter
    • Have dishwasher emptied so we can clean as we go
    • Make sure children under 10 are with a caretaker (preferably in another location) so you can fully enjoy your time in the kitchen. NOTE: If you have a child under 10 but want them to participate, please talk to me first.
  • Cook – We will work together in your kitchen to create the recipes we have chosen. I am a very casual teacher and love questions. You will have my full attention to ask as many questions as you like. (As opposed to group classes.)

What is the fee?

$325 for a single 3 hour class or $275 per class if you book a series of 3 or more classes. These can be weekly, or 3 days in a row but all classes must be completed within 60 days of payment.

What is included?

The fee covers our time together. Groceries necessary for the session will need to be purchased in advance and are not included. I will give you a detailed list of ingredients so you can check what you have and only pick up what you need. Please check with me before substituting anything.

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