Private Chef Services

Hey there!

When people find out I’m a private chef, their first question is “what is your specialty?” While I don’t specialize in one cuisine with my private chef services, my niche is creating unequivocally delicious AND healthy, gluten free dining experiences.

The next question is “what is your food philosophy?” My philosophy reflects my unique experience as both a private chef and holistic nutritionist. I feel food should always satisfy our bodies nutritionally while feeding our souls and spirits as well. My golden rule is: “If I won’t eat it, I won’t serve it to you” so it MUST taste amazing.

TablaVie is a word I created from the French words for Table of Life. I feel food is meant to be experienced with others, whether friends or family. While I love creating food for others, I truly adore the opportunity to teach others all my secrets so they can cook delicious meals for their loved ones. Because of this I offer two types of services: Cooking and Coaching

TablaVie Cooking

TablaVie is a boutique catering service. This means your event for 2-20 guests will be my only event for that date and we will customize EVERYTHING. This applies to Bespoke meal prep as well. I don’t have set menus for anything. As your private chef, even though we are creating a gluten-free meal, it will taste so amazing your guests (or family) will never know what they’re missing.

Wine Pairing (Or Not) Dinners

Whether you want a family style meal or 5 course dinner (or even what I call Ghost Chef) I can pair food with wines from your cellar or make suggestions as to what you should buy based on menu we plan. This can be for 2-20 people. Not wine drinkers? We can still plan a beautiful meal for you and even include a fun mocktail. Read More

Bespoke Meal Prep

Perfect for busy families who want healthy meals tailored to likes, dislikes, allergies, etc. this 5 meal package (4 servings each of entree and side) will be customized to your family after our comprehensive consultation. Breakfast, snacks and lunches can be added for additional fees or your 5 meals can include a mix of meals. This is perfect for picky families or for those who want Paleo, Whole30, vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, etc. Read More

If I won’t eat it, I won’t serve it to you.

Christi Flaherty

TablaVie Coaching

Cooking classes

Whether your place or mine, you class fee is free with 8 or more paid guests. Perfect for girls or couples night out. My focus is on healthy ingredients even in this format. BUT we always start with a cocktail or wine so it feels like a fun night out along with a full meal. Read More

Real Food Reset (Complete Private Cooking Course)

Want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start? This 8 week private course is for you. This is especially good if you have been told you need to eat gluten, dairy, or whatever -free, but feel lost. I will walk you through the whole process from organizing your kitchen to shopping together and learning to understand hidden ingredients on labels to actually cooking in your kitchen with you. Read More


What Areas Do You Serve?

West Fort Worth and East Parker County

What Does TablaVie Mean?

TablaVie is my long-time name for my food-related businesses. It means “Table of Life” very loosely translated from the French words. We chose this name because it speaks of the experience we find when gathering people around a table full of good food and wine. Life Happens!

What allergens do you avoid?

  • 100% gluten-free
  • 100% soy free – I use coconut aminos instead
  • 100% corn free and mostly grain-free
  • Optional: Dairy-free by request
  • Optional: Peanut-free or nut-free by request

How can food without these ingredients be delicious?

Having personally not eaten gluten for over a decade and having multiple other food sensitivities, I know how hard it is to find allergen-friendly food that truly tastes amazing. Healthy food doesn’t have to taste disgusting. I’ve learned how to cook within allergy and food sensitivity restraints and still create food that tastes delicious.

Email to chat more and get all of your questions answered. Can’t wait to serve you and your family!