Make Your New Favorite Sausage Balls Without Bisquick | Super Easy and Freezable + Paleo and Whole30 Friendly

Sausage Balls Without Bisquick

I was a child of the 80s at the height of processed foods becoming the new normal. Some of the casseroles, snacks and desserts that relied on packaged foods carried into adulthood. Once I learned about the detrimental effects of processed foods, however, I quickly dispensed with using them. Everyone once in awhile I remember something from my childhood that sounds so good and I will go about recreating them. These Sausage Balls without Bisquick are one of those things.

How Are Sausage Balls Whole30 and Paleo Friendly?

Yes, well technically with one caveat. I will explain below. But to answer the question, I made them Paleo and Whole30 friendly by using a mixture of grain-free flours, sausage and two forms of dairy free cheese. Traditional sausage balls use Bisquick baking mix, sausage and cheese.

What Are the Ingredients in Sausage Balls Without Bisquick

I used a mixture of almond and cassava flours plus sea salt and baking powder for the Bisquick alternative. Kite Hill Cream Cheese and Violife Cheddar Shreds are the perfect stand-ins for their dairy-filled counterparts. I have a local butcher that produces breakfast sausage out of pasture raised pigs. I love their sausage and that’s what I used, but you can use any sausage. A few spices are the last ingredients and they just bring all the flavors together.

Cheese Addicts Beware…

I’m a Whole30 coach. Whole30 is meant to be a method for supporting several food related health issues from chronic inflammation to overcoming food cravings. Cheese is a gray area food if you’re currently doing a round of Whole30 since the casein in cheese can cause an addictive response for some similar to heroin. Working with me as your Whole30 coach, if you are addicted to cheese, I would tell you to steer clear of anything related to cheese, even my Dairy Free Queso. Since these sausage balls contain two forms of dairy free cheese, if you are a cheese addict and are doing Whole30, you may want to save these for another time because they taste legitimately cheesy!

Are Sausage Balls Healthy?

In their original version, not at all. It all comes down to the ingredients you choose. Mine are inherently healthier because Bisquick has so many unhealthy ingredients. (Vegetable oil, bleached white flour, sugar, etc.) To make the healthiest version possible, try to find organic sausage at least, or even better, locally pasture raised. You can also use organic chicken or turkey sausage, if you prefer. If you’re avoiding all grains, use a different dairy free cheese that doesn’t contain grains (Violife has cornstarch).

Make Ahead Sausage Balls

To make the sausage balls ahead, follow all the directions up to forming into balls. Freeze them raw in balls or bake completely then rewarm in microwave or air fryer. (My preferred method as they get super crunchy on the outside!)

How to Serve Sausage Balls?

These are traditionally a game day snack, but there are many other ways to enjoy them.

  • High protein snack – add crunchy veggies for a complete mini meal
  • Breakfast on the go! I like to have a few of these plus a boiled egg or egg muffin. Add your favorite fruit for a complete healthy breakfast
  • Camping!! – These are perfect for camping trips. Bake them off, then wrap in foil to reheat near the fire. Enjoy as an appetizer while completing dinner or as an easy breakfast.
  • Bento Box savory snack – we all like snack lunches and these add a little more to a bento box than just cut up cooked protein.

What if I’m Not Worried About Eating Dairy, Gluten or Grain Free?

You can absolutely still make this recipe, you would just use 1 3/4 cups regular flour instead of the Almond and Cassava flours and regular cheese instead of the dairy free versions.

Variations on Traditional Sausage Balls

  • Mexican – Use Mexican chorizo instead of breakfast sausage. Add 2 tbsp finely chopped pickled or fresh jalapeno. (Mexican chorizo is a fresh sausage sold in links or bulk not the smoked Spanish kind.)
  • Italian – Use Italian Sausage and a mixture of Violife Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses. Add 2 tsp Italian Seasoning.

Sausage Balls Without Bisquick | Grain and Dairy Free


  • 1 lb breakfast sausage

  • 2 cups shredded dairy free cheddar cheese

  • 4 oz Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese

  • 1 c almond flour

  • 1/2 cup cassava flour

  • 1/2 t granulated garlic

  • 1/2 t granulated onion

  • 1 t baking powder

  • 1/2 tsp cayenne (optional for spicy)


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Beat all ingredients together with a mixer.
  • Use a 1″ scoop to form balls.
  • Place 1″ apart on parchment lined baking sheet.
  • Bake 15-20 minutes until the sausage balls are browned on all sides and the middle registers 165 degrees.

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