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Swedish Meatballs | Paleo and Whole30

Swedish meatballs definitely fall in the Comfort Food Hall of Fame category. These Swedish meatballs, however, have been made grain free and Paleo friendly by using almond flour instead of breadcrumbs and are nutrient dense due to the addition of mushrooms. The gravy is just as creamy as the traditional dairy based version without any dairy at all.

Jalapeno Orange Cranberry Sauce

Not your Mother’s jellied cranberry sauce. This good on everything Jalapeno Orange Cranberry Sauce not only has orange zest and juice, it has chopped fresh jalapenos for a little spice.

Vegan Grain-Free Biscuits

Yes, it’s true. Biscuits can be both grain-free and vegan all while being light and tender. Almond flour and coconut oil are the stars but a few other pantry staples bring these Paleo Grain-Free Biscuits together to partner with gravy, honey or jam.

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup | Whole30 and Paleo

Similar to Tom Gha, Thai Chicken Coconut Soup is a coconut milk and chicken broth based soup with a heavy dose of lime juice to make it slightly tart. Shredded chicken and a ton of veggies make this the perfect mashup of traditional chicken soup and the Thai version.

Paleo Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

Apple season calls for caramel sauce but what if you are following the Paleo tenets of eating? With this Paleo Sea Salt Caramel, you will get all the delicious caramelly flavor along with the mineral benefits of coconut sugar and no dairy.

Tex Mex Taco Casserole | Paleo and Whole30

What started with a nacho fest to celebrate the World Series ended with an idea for this Tex Mex Taco Casserole. Full of cauliflower rice, spiced ground beef and creamy cheese sauce – paleo and Whole30 friendly of course – then topped with lots of veggies, this is a delicious one-pan dinner.

Paleo Mushroom Soup (And Ways to Use It) | Paleo and Whole30

Created as a sub for the ubiquitous red and white can of Cream of Mushroom soup, this Paleo Mushroom soup can either be used as is for a creamy base of other recipes such as chicken and rice or mushroom pasta, or it can be made using the reduced liquid variation for a condensed version to replace the one used in countless middle America casseroles.

Jerk Chicken “Rice” Bowls

With warm spices and lots of colorful veggies, Jerk Chicken Rice Bowls cater to all your senses. The dry rub is addictive, Paleo-friendly and easy to keep around for when the Jerk jones strikes. The bowl ingredients can be reconfigured to make side dishes of coleslaw and rice if you want a little more formal meal.

Brown Butter Scrambled Eggs with Herbs (Whole30 and Paleo DIY Ghee, too!)

One of the simplest egg dishes around, these Brown Butter Scrambled Eggs with Herbs deserve their own spot at the dinner table. A small salad and a glass of wine complete the French bistro style meal. For those following a Whole30 or Paleo lifestyle, there is a homemade ghee recipe included that will allow you to enjoy this very easy dinner.