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10 Ways to Eat Kale | Recipe Roundup

When I was younger and didn’t know about Kale or any greens other than canned spinach for that matter, I would have never imagined that I would be craving something intensely green and leafy. But after living with a veggie box as my primary source of produce for 6 years […]

Greek Burgers with Radish Tzaziki

This recipe began with a radish.  I was inspired by the fuschia and green orb that looks like a tiny spirograph painting on the inside. The Watermelon Radish, an occasional guest in my veggie box, had been cut into sticks for a veggie tray and shaved into salads. The fuschia color […]

Perfect Boiled Eggs

Unless you are a vegan or non-egg eating vegetarian, chances are eggs are a part of your diet. Now that many people are eschewing grains of may kinds, proteins are all the more important. Eggs of all kinds, but especially boiled eggs, are one of the most convenient and near-perfect […]

Roasted Shrimp with Shaved Veggie Salad

Have you reached the point yet this week that you’ve resolved to actually keep your resolutions? I didn’t go berserk-o on mine. I have many friends who are enjoying a maniacal cleanse of beverages only for 30 days. I’m not that girl. I like to eat. I would rather eat […]

Gluten Free Apple Galette with Sea Salt Caramel

Before I became gluten intolerant in 2008, I was a self-proclaimed bad baker. If I had baking success it seemed to be a one-off luck sort of thing. Then when suddenly, I couldn’t have gluten, baking became a necessity since a few trials in the gluten-free bakery shelf will yield […]

Black Radish – Produce Tip Tuesdays

I had no agenda when I took this photo. There was no recipe, no real story in the works when I took it. I got these black radishes in my veggie box one time several years ago and quickly shot this photo. I found it again recently and for some […]