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 Our Family...Me, Kyle, Big E and Big H Our Family…Me, Kyle, Eliot and Harrison

Ten Days in France Changed our lives…

In 1998, Kyle and I spent 10 days wandering through the neighborhoods of Paris and Nice. What we observed was life changing. We saw that the French truly LIVE life; they don’t just work to survive. There was beauty everywhere, from the mosaic surrounding a fountain on a side street to the food on our plates at the simplest bistro. We noticed that people shopped at markets and locally owned shops, not grocery stores; and we especially noticed that there was an emphasis on spending time with people not working to get more stuff.

Wanting to get into that spirit even more, four years later we took our two year old just to experience life as a family in France. We stayed in an apartment (prior to Airbnb or any other service like that) in Paris and with friends in other areas. We went with no agenda other than shopping the markets, playing on playgrounds and eating ice cream as much as possible.

 Circa 2002...Big H wasn't so Big but got to join us on second trip to france! Circa 2002…Harrison joined us on second trip to France!

Upon our return to the states, we almost without even thinking about it made a choice. We determined to truly LIVE life, not just survive. We determined that eating well and enjoying everything in moderation would suspend dieting forever. Spending time with friends and family began to take precedence over working longer hours for more pay. Seeking out local farmers from whom we could buy seasonal produce became our goal and is still a normal part of our lives today. We noticed there was a real tie to living from the land in France, whether gardening or buying from farmers and so living life around the table became our mantra and lifestyle. We ultimately came upon a name for it – TablaVie™, (our self-coined word created from French words for Table of Life) which was the name of my business for a long time and still remains a conceptual business idea in the backs of our minds.

 Weekly Summer Ritual for Most of their lives! Weekly Summer Ritual for Most of their lives!

I began to realize that this lifestyle is something not common in the US and that many people don’t understand how important it is to our health. It has become one pillar of my mission to help people thrive and not just survive in life.

Eating within the seasons started us on a journey of learning that our bodies are made to heal when we work with what God gave us through nature. Essential oils entered our life through Young Living and we have used them constantly since then to bring life to our bodies, souls and spirits. While I won’t talk about these oils at length on the website, if you are curious, go here to find out more.

We invite you to experience all that we have learned about truly living a healthy lifestyle:

  • Eat well, less expensively by knowing what is in season and how to use it
  • How to plan your meals so that dinner is a pleasure not a pain
  • Have freedom to enjoy life around the table without working so hard at it
  • Help your family and the earth thrive by shopping locally for food
  • Food is meant for both health and pleasure
  • Having a right relationship with food creates freedom to enjoy it


Christi And Kyle

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