Whole30 Barbacoa Fries That Will Make You Forget About Rice

Barbacoa Fries Vignette Orton

If you’ve ever gotten a bowl at Chipotle with Barbacoa and you like fries (like I do) You are going to fall in love with these Whole30 Barbacoa Fries! The beauty is for all my Whole30ers, while rice is a no-go on the plan, homemade oven fries are a YES! (within reason, of course.) Are…

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The Best Paleo Orange Chicken (Whole30 Option)

Paleo Orange Chicken in the Bowl with Broccoli

This Paleo Orange Chicken is as it should be—crispy, slightly sweet and bursting with orange flavor. However, this egg free version will for sure become a family fave as it is in our house. Learn the secrets to super crispy chicken that is way easier than most.

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