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Lemon Herb Shrimp Overhead

Lemon Herb Shrimp | Paleo and Whole30

You need a quick meal that is healthy and full of flavor? Lemon Herb Shrimp is your new go-to with DIY Herb Butter and lemon being the only, simple seasonings for wild-caught shrimp and a 8-10 minute cooking time.

Creamy Vegan Queso with Hatch Green Chiles | Paleo and Whole30

Fulfilling all your dreams of a creamy, liquified cheese partner for chips, fries or nachos and featuring the fall veggie superstar from Hatch, New Mexico, this Creamy Vegan Queso with Hatch Green Chiles uses pantry products such as cashews, veggies, coconut milk and spices to create a real food, paleo, Whole30 (with a caveat) and, of course, vegan version of America’s favorite football food.

Sweet Potato Nachos

An avocado addict shares the best tips for making sure you always have your fix. The Sweet Potato Nachos allow the avocado to shine and give you a reason to eat a snack and call it dinner.

Grain Free Taquitos

Most people think because I’m a private chef and my specialty is alternative diets such as Whole 30, Paleo and Vegan that I don’t have any food vices. Ask my kids…in the past they have had to hide the potato chips from me unless I am on a Whole 30 […]

Egg Rolls as Good as Takeout (Paleo)

Are egg rolls Chinese? Do we even know what real Chinese cuisine really is? Are these questions that need an answer? Probably not but you do need to try these Egg rolls!When we lived in Northern California, one of our boys’ most requested day trips was going to Chinatown in […]

Why You Need Plantains: Part One

If you’re like most everyone else I know, you are now paying pittance for dietary transgressions in one form or another. Those that have been around this website for awhile know we completed a Whole30 cycle back in the Fall.  We have just started another round after 6 weeks of […]

Super Easy Salsa Verde (Whole 30 compliant)

The Whole 30. Surely you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve done it. Well I’m doing it. Today is my third day so I’m still not feeling much change, good or bad, but I know change is comin’! (PSA…I will be posting weekly updates on my progress with TW30 so make […]

Hatch Chiles 101 and Hatch Chile Salmon Cakes

In case you live in Alaska or the Pacific Northwest where it rarely breaches the 80 degree mark, it’s a billion degrees outside for the rest of us. What do you eat when it’s a billion degrees outside? Chiles!!! (Ever heard of Gustatory Facial Sweating? You will, just keep reading.) […]

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Whole30 Friendly Peanut Sauce

Vietnamese food is a cuisine that I CRAVE! Full of antioxidants and vitamins naturally and a perfect balance of spicy, sweet, salty and sour… it’s totally addictive. It originates from a climate very similar to our hot, sticky Texas summer weather so these Vietnamese Spring Rolls are a natural go-to […]

Grain Free”Rice” Bowls and Other Super Bowl Snacks

So you’re eating Paleo or maybe, Gluten-Free. How does that work for Super Bowl Snacks?  I created this delicious Paleo “Rice” Bowl for starters, but I will also point you to some of my favorite Super Bowl Worthy snacks that are either Gluten-Free, Paleo Friendly or both. How does this […]