Sesame Cilantro Meatballs

By Christi Flaherty | April 15, 2020

Perfect for Meal Prep or Freezer Stashing these meatballs are full of flavor with sesame oil and cilantro. They are great for a bento box, with your favorite sides for dinner or a new add-in for Pho or Ramen.

Roasted Beet Salad with Goat Cheese and Pistachios

By Christi Flaherty | April 8, 2020

If you think you hate beets, you haven’t tasted this salad. Sweet, earthy, roasted beets are delicious (and highly nutritious) to begin with, but this Roasted Beet salad amps up the flavor with goat cheese, pistachios and a simple dressing of balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Air Fryer Home Fries Three Ways

By Christi Flaherty | March 31, 2020

Air Fryer Home Fries alone are a revelation but Air Fryer Home Fries Three Ways – Ranch Style, Patatas Bravas (Spain’s answer to Home Fries) and Tex Mex Home Fries – mean you can eat them several times a week without anyone knowing you’re repeating the same basic steps. 

How to Make Perfect Quinoa (And Quinoa Tabbouleh)

By Christi Flaherty | March 24, 2020

Quinoa is an almost perfect sub for animal protein, but if you don’t know how to make it properly, it can be soggy and soft. Not only will you learn how to make perfect quinoa but quinoa tabbouleh as a bonus.

How to Bake Frozen Salmon (And Make Dinner from Your Pantry)

By Christi Flaherty | March 18, 2020

Dinner from freezer to table in less than 30 minutes is possible with frozen fish. Along with any fresh or frozen vegetables you have on hand and maybe a simple sauce, you can have an elegant meal for just you or a whole crew in the time it would take to call and pickup takeout plus it’s Whole30 and Paleo friendly to boot which is hard to find with takeout.

Winter Salade Niçoise

By Christi Flaherty | March 3, 2020

Salad is not a first thought for winter food, but this Winter Salade Nicoise is perfect for bridging the gap between Winter and Spring. Full of the requisite tuna, potatoes, olives and vinaigrette, the vegetables have been switched up a bit to reflect the season.

Paleo Whole30 Chicken Broccoli Casserole

Chicken Broccoli Casserole (Paleo, Keto, Whole30)

By Christi Flaherty | February 20, 2020

Casseroles have a bad rep due to the 1980s brown things that passed as dinner. This is a bright fresh take with no cream of whatever soup in sight even though it is super creamy and it is bursting with chicken and vegetables.

Savory Dutch Baby with Ham and Gruyere

By Christi Flaherty | December 11, 2019

Dutch baby, the delicious crepe-turned-popover-turned deep dish pancake situation with the unfortunate name. This Savory Dutch Baby with Ham and Gruyere is grain-free (and dairy-free without the Gruyere) and is so very delicious and easy that you may make it part of your new Sunday morning routine.

Spaghetti Squash Pan Pizza

By Christi Flaherty | December 10, 2019

With all the flavors of a loaded pie and even the look of the pan variety, this Spaghetti Squash Pan Pizza is so delicious, you will put it on permanent rotation. With a few tips and tricks, you can make even the spaghetti squash hater LOVE this “pizza”.

Maple Pecan Scones | Vegan and Paleo

By Christi Flaherty | November 25, 2019

The perfect coffee or tea companion, these Maple Pecan Scones have no dairy and no grains so even if you are following a paleo or vegan lifestyle, you can indulge. The frosting is eat-by-the-spoon worthy all by itself but topping off the toasted pecan scones, you have the perfect salty sweet breakfast bread.