Barbacoa Fries Vignette Orton

Whole30 Barbacoa Fries That Will Make You Forget About Rice

By christi flaherty | April 25, 2022

If you’ve ever gotten a bowl at Chipotle with Barbacoa and you like fries (like I do) You are going to fall in love with these Whole30 Barbacoa Fries! The beauty is for all my Whole30ers, while rice is a no-go on the plan, homemade oven fries are a YES! (within reason, of course.) Are…

Paleo Orange Chicken in the Bowl with Broccoli

The Best Paleo Orange Chicken (Whole30 Option)

By christi flaherty | April 18, 2022

This Paleo Orange Chicken is as it should be—crispy, slightly sweet and bursting with orange flavor. However, this egg free version will for sure become a family fave as it is in our house. Learn the secrets to super crispy chicken that is way easier than most.

Skillet Fajita Platter

Skillet Fajitas – The Secret to Awesome Fajitas Without a Grill

By Christi Flaherty | March 31, 2022

You don’t need a grill to make flavorful charred fajitas. To make these skillet fajitas all you need is your favorite cast iron skillet and a few pantry spices.

How to Make a Mezze Platter Paleo

By Christi Flaherty | February 8, 2022

While a typical Mezze platter is a no-go for those living the paleo lifestyle, this mezze platter paleo style has no dairy, grains or beans.

How to Make Warm Southeast Asian Chicken Salad Two Ways

By Christi Flaherty | February 5, 2022

Full of the savory, herby, salty, sweet and spicy flavors of Southeast Asia, this paleo friendly Asian Chicken Salad checks all the boxes.

How to Make Paleo Fried Chicken with Quick Pickled Veggies

By christi flaherty | January 31, 2022

Fried chicken and pickles are the perfect pairing. Paleo Fried Chicken and the simplest quick pickled veggies offer a much healthier version and come together easily for a weeknight dinner.

Meal Prep Containers Ultimate list

Meal Prep Containers and Equipment – The Ultimate List

By Christi Flaherty | January 20, 2022

The essentials for making meal prepping easy and efficient from meal prep containers to everything else you may need.

The Best and Fastest French Green Lentils

By Christi Flaherty | December 1, 2021

Lentils are a powerhouse of nutrition. These French Green Lentils can be made vegetarian and are super easy to make with everyday ingredients.

How to Make Chai Concentrate That’s Paleo and Caffeine Free

By Christi Flaherty | November 3, 2021

Storebought chai concentrate is full of sugar and mostly only available caffeinated. Enjoy this spicy decaf chai using only honey and coconut sugar.

In-N-Out Animal Style Potato Skins Closeup

Enjoy the Holidays with Easy and Healthy Paleo Party Food

By Christi Flaherty | October 20, 2021

This roundup of Paleo Party Food Recipes gives both sweet and savory options to keep you from veering off the healthy path you’ve created for yourself.