So far you’ve learned what to eat and when to eat so the food part is covered. (Missed out? Go here.) Now it’s time to discover the Best Workout to Kick Start Metabolism After 40.

Best Workout to Kick Start Metabolism After 40

Work Smarter, Not Harder

It’s an 80s poster and total cliché, but when it comes to workouts, it’s totally true.

You’re killing it at the gym doing at least an hour on the elliptical and when you have extra time, you do P90X AND a hot yoga class back to back but the scale doesn’t change and neither does your body.

You DO need to move daily, BUT you DON’T need to workout for hours. Overexercising like this will cause you to KEEP. WEIGHT. ON!


How you work out DIRECTLY affects metabolism.

Best Workout to Slow Down Metabolism

Here’s why this is true…Calories in, calories out is a myth and over-exercising to lose weight or burn off your pizza and wine binge puts your body in a state of stress.

Your brain doesn’t know if this stress is coming from a bear chasing you or that you simply did a crazy long workout, so it slows all unnecessary bodily functions including metabolism. So while you’re working so hard to get fat off, your body is taking care of you by keeping it on. Thanks but no thanks, body!

Midlife Weight Loss for Women over 40

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Best Workout to Kick Start Metabolism

Doing 20-30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Tabata workouts that incorporate medium weights (5-8 pounds) or kettlebells are a great way to get the short bursts you need along with strength training. Check out this post with my favorite workouts.

Yoga is restorative and great for stretching. And the functional exercises below are good anytime for a quick movement break. All of these can be done in a short window of your day, rather than having to schedule an hour and a half or more to go to the gym. This makes exercise doable instead of just another fail-to-do on your to-do list.

Note: If you workout at a gym, ask the trainer for a 20-30 minute HIIT or Tabata workout with lighter weights. Crossfit trainers may or may not be open to this.

Best Workouts to Kick Start Metabolism Beginner Level

You might be someone who has gotten way too busy to workout for awhile. That’s ok, but you wouldn’t have read this far if you aren’t wanting your body to change. Fact…you need to move your body in order to boost your metabolism.

Start slowly by committing to walk at least 20 minutes or do yoga a few times a week and add any of the following functional exercises throughout the day. Once you’ve hit that goal, start increasing and adding in harder workouts. It will take awhile, but you will begin to see your body shifting and the pounds whittling away.

Functional Exercise to Kick Start Metabolism

  • Walk around while making phone calls
  • Use stairs instead of elevator/escalator whenever you can
  • Plan time to walk to places that you would normally drive that are within a few miles of your home
  • Bend over or squat down to tie your shoes
  • Walk up and down escalators as if they were normal stairs
  • During TV commercial breaks or between meetings do this 4-minute Nitric Oxide workout
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