Discover My Secrets to Food That Tastes Good AND Makes you Feel Good!

Join my free VIP list for Whole30 compatible "Fantastic Flavor Bombs" guide, first chance at Healthy Happy Kitchen cooking classes and awesome coupons on healthy foods.

Discover My Secrets to Food That Tastes Good AND Makes you Feel Good!

Join my free VIP list for Whole30 compatible "Fantastic Flavor Bombs" guide, first chance at Healthy Happy Kitchen cooking classes and awesome coupons on healthy foods.


Meet Christi

So, I have kind of a dual situation going on here providing both cooking classes and private health coaching. Here's how it happened:

I grew up eating everything out of a box but always loved to cook. Because of how I ate, I was always a little large for my age, so at age 12, I started dieting and stayed on that diet/self-loathing hamster wheel for many years. In spite of this, during those years, my love for cooking drew me to start a private chef company focused on using seasonal food to make healthy family meals and elaborate wine dinners. For 20+ years I had a successful side hustle (Momming was my full time job!) as a private chef in both Napa Valley and Texas.

When health problems arose in 2015, I found Whole30 and quit dieting. In brief, Whole30 is an eating plan that focuses on eating whole, clean, real foods like vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts and healthy fats, rather than eating the typical American diet of processed and fast foods. While many assume it's just another weight loss plan, it's so much more than that and it has helped me overcome those health issues. "Change your food and you can change your life" is a common Whole30 quote and is totally true! Learn More About Whole30 and Private Coaching

In 2019, I realized that I wanted to know the science behind why eating healthy, whole foods garnered such amazing health benefits and went back to school to become a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I was shocked to find out everything I was learning in my science-based nutrition classes completely backed up what I had learned while doing  Whole30. When I learned there was a certification process for becoming a Certified Whole30 Coach, I naturally hopped on the opportunity and in February received my certificate.

Finally, shortly after I received my certification, I began to wonder how all of this knowledge, experience and certifications would come together.

Many days praying, meditating and journaling helped me realize while I enjoy coaching and will continue to do so on a limited basis, I could make a much bigger impact by combining my culinary expertise with my nutrition knowledge into a virtual cooking school that would empower so many others to feel confident creating healthy yet uber-flavorful food for themselves and their families. Healthy Happy Kitchen Virtual Cooking School was born!

So welcome to Healthy Happy Real and join us in the Healthy Happy Kitchen!

Christi Flaherty, BCHN


Healthy Happy Kitchen Virtual Cooking School

As a private chef, I found eating a clean, whole foods diet wasn't restrictive, but was actually amazing since I had so many tools in my kitchen arsenal to make things taste great. My clients' most common comment was "your food is so flavorful" and many times I was cooking Whole30 style recipes without them knowing it.

When you attend my classes you will learn all of these secrets of how to draw out the most flavor from food. You don't have to eat boring broccoli and pale chicken to eat healthfully. Instead, my easy tips, techniques and flavor hacks will make your healthy, whole-food everyday meals taste dinner-party worthy.


What to Expect in the Healthy Happy Kitchen

Join us in a Healthy Happy Kitchen Virtual Cooking Class and you will quickly discover I have an easy-going approach, honed doing cooking classes in private kitchens from my previous home in the Napa Valley area to my current home in Texas, that will make you feel that everything is totally doable. Whether you are beginner cook or an advanced home chef my goal is to help you feel at ease in your kitchen and view cooking no longer as a chore but a joy!

  • Public classes will feature healthy ingredients, and you will learn all my chef secrets for getting the most flavor out of real food. Some classes will feature a cocktail or mocktail and I will suggest a wine with the recipes if appropriate.
  • The recipes and shopping list for each class will be provided 5 days before class so you can buy what you need and be ready.
  • There is absolutely no prep needed as we will cover EVERY step in class.
  • Attend classes live and cook along or sit back and relax with a glass of wine (LaCroix or kombucha for Whole30ers) and watch me cook.
  • I always allow time for questions on the spot and you will learn how to fix mistakes if they arise. (We're all human and they will!)
  • With each class you will not only learn something within a fun, joy-filled context, you will end up with a full meal for you and those in your household to enjoy afterwards!
  • Private Classes, a very affordable membership and gift cards will be available very soon as well!


What If I Can't Attend at the Scheduled Time?

Can't make it for a live class, your class price includes On Demand which means you can watch it later on your own time or watch it again if you were live.


Are you currently doing a round of Whole30?

All classes are open to anyone, but those who are following the Whole30 eating template will be happy to know that all public classes will either be fully compatible or will have moderations on recipes and shopping list to make them so!

Whole30 Coaching

Feel like you need more than just a change in food?

Sometimes you need more than a simple dietary or lifestyle change, you need a coach to help you stay focused and remember your "why". With my customized plan and personal coaching, you will be empowered to reach your health goals and make lasting change so you can live your Healthy, Happy, Real life.

I only take one or two new clients per month so click the button below as your first step to experience real health, learn to create delicious meals and enjoy true food freedom.


With my program, you will:

  • Enjoy real food while watching your body transform
  • Think clearly and have energy by getting good sleep
  • Discover curves and muscles through the right exercise
  • Learn to finally manage stress rather than it taking you out
  • Be empowered to enjoy food freedom rather than being controlled by food.
  • Have access to cooking classes


The first step is to click the button below and answer a few questions. I'm looking forward to taking this journey with you!

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