Master Your Metabolism

Download your guide to discover how you can feel lighter and have more energy without dieting!

Master Your Metabolism

Download your guide to discover how you can feel lighter and have more energy without dieting!

You turned the big 4-0 and now you have this weight that won't go away.

What the heck happened?

You’ve counted carbs, macros and calories.

You’ve worked out for HOURS and DAYS and MONTHS.


Your skinny designer jeans have been demoted and your frequent Nordstrom's purchases aren’t because you're on trend, but because you need a new size (not in the good way!)

Good News! It’s not you, it’s your metabolism!

Over the last few years, I have learned some key things about metabolism that have helped me get in the best shape I’ve been in since having kids and I'm thrilled to offer you my FREE ebook to help YOU do the same.

Download my "5 Steps to Master Your Metabolism" guide to get started. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn what your 40+ body needs to eat, how you need to work out, and how to get the best sleep of your life (all of these are probably opposite of what doctors have told you) so you can have all the energy you need whether you’re heading up a board meeting or you’re chairing the year’s biggest event!

Want more than an ebook?

Claim your FREE 20 minute session below so you can be empowered to reach your health goals and make lasting change. With my customized plan and personal coaching, you will see results and live your Healthy, Happy Real life. NOTE: You will receive a short application prior to your session to make sure we’re a good fit.

I only do a few of these a month so schedule yours TODAY.


About Christi

Imagine waking up ready to kick today’s butt!

You’re full of energy, no longer living on caffeine and sugar, and you are fitting into the clothes you WANT to wear instead of those that hide the muffin tops and back fat.

After working with me, that will be you.

As a Private Chef turned Health Coach and Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I take tired, stressed-out 40+ women who feel the midlife bulge and help them lose weight, gain energy and get their spark back!

How do I do this?  By helping clients reengage with real food, rather than dieting, and tweaking a few lifestyle habits. 

I learned through years of research, experience and education that those extra pounds, lack of motivation and exhaustion are simply your body’s signals that things need to change. I go straight to the  source, metabolism, and help my clients master theirs. I also pass along chef secrets for making easy, delicious meals when they cook, and how to order at restaurants and handle social situations when they don’t, to stay on track and make this a sustainable lifestyle.

Ready to see how this will work for you?

Work With Me

You're smart, powerful and you know how to get things done, but why can't you make this weight loss thing work?

You simply need a coach.

Someone to come alongside you when you want to give up, someone to remind you of your "Why" for reaching your health goals, someone to help you design the perfect plan that works for you and your body, not a formula that worked for someone else.


With my program, you will:

  • Enjoy real food while watching your body transform
  • Think clearly and have energy by getting good sleep
  • Discover curves and muscles through the right exercise
  • Learn to finally manage stress rather than it taking you out
  • Be empowered to go for that promotion, run that marathon, write that book, wear those skinny jeans!


The first step is to apply and book a free 20-minute session using the button below. I'm looking forward to this journey with you!

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The Best Sweet Potato Hash

By Christi Flaherty | September 15, 2020

The Best Sweet Potato Hash is made with fresh veggies and cooked perfectly crispy. The many variations in allow this Sweet Potato Hash to be part of weekly meal prep and a staple in healthy diets.

BLT Burger Stack

By Christi Flaherty | August 6, 2020

Using heirloom tomato as the bun, this BLT Burger Stack is about as good as a salad can get. Bacon, (vegan or regular with a recipe for the former included), arugula, basil mayo, balsamic glaze. It truly is as good as any steakhouse burger.

High Protein Almond Flour Pancakes with Blueberries

High Protein Almond Flour Pancakes

By Christi Flaherty | July 28, 2020

Pancakes are the quintessential brunch food, but if you’re eating grain-free or Paleo, Most grain-free pancakes are dense and not fluffy at all. These High Protein Almond Flour Pancakes however, check all the boxes: not too sweet, VERY fluffy, grain-free. Try them plain or with any of the suggested mix-ins and toppings.

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