Hi, I'm Christi!

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Hi, I'm Christi!

Get my chef secrets for delicious Paleo and Whole30 recipes in my Monthly Email


Over twenty years ago I started a private chef company focused on using seasonal and local food.  After working in both Napa Valley and Dallas/Fort Worth areas during these two-plus decades I found I offer something that is rare: healthy, allergen-friendly food that actually tastes amazing!  

For those not in my local area, my Paleo and Whole30 recipes will enable you to create super-nutritious gluten-, dairy-, corn-, and soy-free meals that your family will love! (If you're local to Fort Worth, Texas I'm available for private chef and coaching services. See below.)

While in Napa Valley, I went to farms and talked to farmers and ranchers who taught me food can be "medicine" when grown and treated properly. The informal education spurred me to go back to school and get certifications as both a Holistic Nutritionist and Whole30 Certified Coach. (Whole30's precepts directly aligned with what I learned in school plus I learned I was gluten-intolerant  in 2008 so it was a natural addition for me!)

This unique combination of chef secrets for flavorful AND nutrient-dense food has proven to be a game changer. If you're not local to Fort Worth, I have a whole library of recipes you can access.  But if you are local, I provide coaching and private chef services. See below for all the details.


Local Services

I would love to sit down over coffee and see how I can meet your needs!

All Local Services Feature My Allergen-Friendly Philosophy:

  • Prepared Meals for Busy Families -This is a fully customized service of 5 meals/week
  • Multi-Course Wine-Pairing Dinner - Use your wine cellar favorites or my suggestions
  • In-Home Cooking Classes - Perfect for a Healthy Girls' Night Out (Cocktails included!)
  • 8 Week Real Food Reset - Through hands-on skills sessions you will learn, with me by your side, how to cook and eat the foods that serve your body well. Click Here for More Info
  • Subscription-Based Prepared Meal Service Coming Soon - Make sure you've joined my email list above to get all the info when it's available. 

Use the "Let's Connect" form below to let me know what you are interested in and any dates for prospective events. I will get back to you within one business day and set up either a call or in-person meetup. (West Fort Worth and Parker County only)

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I generally reply within one business day.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Real Food Reset Coaching

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