Real Weight Loss. Real Energy. Real Food.

Get my Free "Real Food Reset" Guide for Sustainable Weight Loss, More Energy and Less Pain All Without Sacrificing Joy

Real Weight Loss. Real Energy. Real Food.

Get my Free "Real Food Reset" Guide for Sustainable Weight Loss, More Energy and Less Pain All Without Sacrificing Joy

It's time to Hit the Reset Button!

Real Food Reset Cover

You’ve counted carbs, macros and calories.

You’ve worked out for HOURS and DAYS and MONTHS.


To top it off, you're constantly exhausted, you have weird pains and you have uncontrollable cravings.

Good News! It's Not You, It's the "Food"!

Most Americans eat a diet that is very high in sugar mostly coming from processed foods. Even if you don't eat sweets, you would probably be shocked (and maybe appalled) at the amount of sugar that is in everything we eat.

How do you fix this problem?

Eat the Right Foods

Download my free "Real Food Reset" Guide above to learn what your body actually needs to get the results you're seeking without deprivation, detoxing or dieting. (Didn't click the "Yes, I want it" button, pop back up there and do it now!) You will learn how a diet is different than a reset and how you can lose the inflammation (the main cause of weight gain), have energy to burn, sleep better and have control over food rather than it controlling you!

Need more than a guide for your reset?

Sometimes you need more than a guide, you need a coach. Click the "I Need This" button to apply for one of my complimentary coaching sessions. With my customized plan and personal coaching, you will be empowered to reach your health goals and make lasting change so you can live your Healthy, Happy, Real life.

Click this button as your first step to enjoying real health, real weight loss and true food freedom.


About Christi

One day in my mid-40s, I realized I had slowly put on 15 pounds without changing my diet or workout regimen. In fact, I was drinking green smoothies, doing juice fasts and only eating 500 calories a couple of days a week. I found myself on that hamster wheel of dieting/failing/self-loathing like never before and began to really hate myself. I could hardly stand to look in a mirror. It took me a few years of doing research, working with functional medicine doctors and eventually going back to school myself to really learn what was really going on and see massive changes in my body including more energy, weight loss and more muscle.

After working with me, that will be you.

As a Private Chef turned Health Coach and Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I take tired, stressed-out women who have those muffin tops and help them lose weight, gain energy and get their spark back!

How do I do this?  By helping clients reengage with real food, rather than dieting, and tweaking a few lifestyle habits. 

I learned through years of research, experience and education that those extra pounds, lack of motivation and exhaustion are simply your body’s signals that things need to change. I go straight to the source, food, and help my clients learn what their unique bodies need. I also pass along chef secrets for making easy, delicious meals when they cook, and when they don't, how to order at restaurants and handle social situations, so they can stay on track and make this a sustainable lifestyle.

Ready to see how we can work together? Read on...

Work With Me

You're smart, powerful and you know how to get things done, but why can't you make this weight loss thing work?

You simply need a coach.

Someone to come alongside you when you want to give up, someone to remind you of your "Why" for reaching your health goals, someone to help you design the perfect plan that works for you and your body, not a formula that worked for someone else.


With my program, you will:

  • Enjoy real food while watching your body transform
  • Think clearly and have energy by getting good sleep
  • Discover curves and muscles through the right exercise
  • Learn to finally manage stress rather than it taking you out
  • Be empowered to enjoy food freedom rather than being controlled by food.


The first step is to click the button below and answer a few questions. I'm looking forward to taking this journey with you!

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