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Learn My Secrets to Losing Weight and Gaining Energy in Just Five Days!

Download My Free "Real Food Reset" Guide with Meal Plan, Shopping List and Prep Guide!


Hey there, Beautiful!

As an 80s girl, I grew up eating everything out of a box or a can. At age 12, because I always felt fat, I started dieting and stayed on that diet/self-loathing hamster wheel for many years. In spite of this, I loved cooking and wanted to work for myself. Starting a private chef company focused on using seasonal food to make healthy family meals, create cooking classes and organize elaborate wine dinners was a natural step.

For 20+ years I had a successful side hustle (Momming was my full time job!) as a private chef in both Napa Valley and Dallas/Fort Worth areas.

When health problems arose in 2015, I found out about Whole30, got off that dieting hamster wheel for good and completely changed my career.

In brief, Whole30 is an eating plan that focuses on eating whole, clean, real foods like vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts and healthy fats, rather than eating the typical American diet of processed and fast foods. While many assume it's a weight loss plan and most people do lose some weight doing it, it's so much more than that because you are actually pinpointing what foods work for your body and what foods don't. Learning which foods worked for me helped me overcome those health issues, even one I wouldn't have thought of...being a slave to dieting.

In 2019, I realized that I wanted to know the science behind why eating healthy, whole foods garnered such amazing health benefits and went back to school to become a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist. I was shocked to find everything I was learning in my science-based nutrition classes completely backed up what I had learned while doing  Whole30. Becoming a Certified Whole30 Coach to complement my certification as a holistic nutritionist and designation as a health coach just made sense so I could have a proven system with which to work with my clients.

Learn More About Whole30 and Private Coaching

In early 2021, I began to wonder how all of this knowledge, experience, and certifications would come together.

Many days praying, meditating and journaling helped me realize that I could combine all of my passions, education, and experience as a Whole30 coach, nutritionist, private chef and cooking class teacher to offer my clients the ability to not only work with me as a nutritionist but to also fall in love with cooking healthy, delicious meals by providing private cooking sessions within my coaching program.

This unique combination has proven to be a game changer for my clients. Not only are they seeing the weight loss they come to me for, but they are seeing a reduction in inflammation, better sleep, a new relationship with food and they actually like cooking since they have my personal attention with them (virtually) in their own kitchens.

Intrigued? I would love the chance to work with you!

Take the first (free) step by clicking here.

Whole30 Coaching

Feel like you need more than just a change in food?

Sometimes you need more than a simple dietary or lifestyle change, you need a coach to help you stay focused and remember your "why". With my customized plan and personal coaching, you will be empowered to reach your health goals and make lasting change so you can live your Healthy, Happy, Real life.

I only take one or two new clients per month so click the button below as your first step to experience real health, learn to create delicious meals and enjoy true food freedom.

With my program, you will:

  • Enjoy real food while watching your body transform
  • Think clearly and have energy by getting good sleep
  • Discover curves and muscles through the right exercise
  • Learn to finally manage stress rather than it taking you out
  • Be empowered to enjoy food freedom rather than being controlled by food.
  • Have access to cooking classes


The first step is to click the button below and answer a few questions. I'm looking forward to taking this journey with you!

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